• Hanku Lee

    Hanku Lee

    I write about adventure with Komoot & Pi server | B2B Customer experience @ Samsung | Dad & Husband | All views are my own

  • Lai Chung Ting

    Lai Chung Ting

  • Ameen Altajer

    Ameen Altajer

    I’m the CEO of INFINITEWARE, we’re an AI business focused on building machine learning products, I’m a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning (GDE ML) too.

  • Maxim Pozh

    Maxim Pozh

  • Tushar Joshi

    Tushar Joshi

    MLOPS Intern at Linux World || MLOPS 🧠 || DEVOPS(🐳☸👩🏻‍🍳)|| Ansible || Kubernetes|| AWS || ML || DL || Data Science || Jenkins|| Docker || RedHat Linux ||

  • Rajesh Gadiparti

    Rajesh Gadiparti

  • Srinivas Thanneeru

    Srinivas Thanneeru

  • Nicolae Nicora

    Nicolae Nicora

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