Integrated WordPress with AWS RDS On AWS Cloud

What Is RDS?

What Is WordPress?

Description :

🔅 Create an AWS EC2 instance
🔅 Configure the instance with Apache Webserver.
🔅 Download PHP application name “WordPress”.
🔅 As WordPress stores data at the backend in MySQL
Database server. Therefore, you need to setup a
MySQL server using AWS RDS service using Free Tier.
🔅 Provide the endpoint/connection string to the
WordPress application to make it work.

1. Launch an AWS EC2 instance of Redhat to launch WordPress

3. Install httpd using command :

4. Install MySQL using command :

5. Since WordPress uses the latest version of PHP i.e PHP-7.4. Install it by the following commands in the AWS instance :

6. Download WordPress code from the Internet and Extract it into /var/www/html folder and unzip it

Step 2: Create an RDS database For WordPress

  • Open Amazon RDS and click on Create Database
  • Select MySQL as the database type
  • In the Templates section, choose the Free tier.
  • DB instance identifierdefault
  • Master usernameadmin
  • Master password — Choose a password.
  • Confirm password — Confirm the password
  • Availability Zone — ap-south-b
  • Initial Database Name — database-1

Database Created Successfully

STEP 3: Connecting to the database and connecting to WordPress

And create the user database

2. Configure The wp-conf.php file by providing Database Name, User Name, Password, Endpoint Url

3. Connect to WordPress

And after installing WordPress and login you will see your website Live!! Running like this ;

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